Which web host should you choose? Most users search their web host with the most popular search engine, Google. Per month, the word “hosting” is searched around 60,000 times. This number is quite high, it can be concluded also that the market is very competitive at this very keyword.

The problem that arises from the highly competitive market is that you will not necessarily find the best provider. In the first pages of the search result, you will often find only the operators who put the most money in online campaigns, or follow the best SEO strategy.

The finding of a web hosting provider is not particularly difficult, but you should consider when selecting your package to some careful. Surely, you will find also on the various search engines or other web host that suits your project.

Before falling into the tariff Jungle, rethink the following factors:

• How many domains do you need?
• How much storage do you need?
• Can you already estimate your traffic?
• How many MySQL databases do you need?
• Do you need to own email accounts?
• Do you need more FTP accounts?
• How many subdomains you need?

You should consider these just a few questions before signing a contract. It is about a personal blog with holiday stories you can skip most of it. However, if you want to put a bigger, perhaps even a commercial, project off the ground, make sure you test the speed of the respective provider.

Providers are often arbitrarily selected and subsequently determines the customer that want to accessibility as well as the speed of the website leaves a lot. It follows a complicated removal, which is with the time and often associated with costs.Also often is open the question of the correct domain. At this point, some mistakes are made. The correct domain is very important for SEO reasons for a positive and good ranking in the major search engines.

This decision truly belongs to the most difficult of a project. The name is somewhat statements, not too long and easy to remember. Often such a domain will consist years and cannot be changed easily.In addition, you should perform a keyword analysis of your project. Set a main keyword and check whether the desired domain through a domain query is still available.

Check the different domain extensions. If the desired domain is not available, try to limit your main keyword, continue or expand it as a city or a name.


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